Posted by: tbodesigns | December 19, 2007

Arm and Hammer “Smoke Buster”

By Lydia Shteyn

Are you a smoker? Do you sometimes you feel like smoking in the comfort of your own home without having your entire place reek of an ashtray? I happen to enjoy a cigarette or two inside my tiny one bedroom apartment which I happen to share with my non-smoking parents. While I don’t mind having to air out the entire place for hours on end, once my father comes home from a long day of work he doesn’t appreciate the disgusting smell my cigarettes leave behind.

I’ve tried everything to cover up the odor! Spraying half a bottle of my expensive perfume, regular deodorizing bathroom sprays, leaving the front door opened for a few minutes to air the entire place inside out, a combination of the three; nothing worked, my dad would still come home and complain about smelling my cigarettes. One day I discovered Arm; Hammer “Smoke Buster” Deodorizing Air Freshener. All I can say is that this was a blessing in a small aerosol container! I’ve experimented spraying it only a few minutes before my father stepped in the door and to my surprise for once he didn’t say a thing about the awful smell inside the house.

For under $3.00 at your local supermarket or pharmacy, you can enjoy that cigarette from time to time without offending anyone or leaving behind a nasty stench! Not only does this product leave behind a pleasant flowery scent, it doesn’t cover up the mess, it absorbs and removes it completely. I recommend this to anyone who likes keeping their home smelling fresh and clean!



  1. Where can I buy this product? I have a friend who had a can and said she got it at WalMart but I can’t find it there. Nor can I find it at Target or Krogers. Any suggestions?

  2. I have used smoke buster and thought it was great. I can no longer find it. Any suggestions?

  3. The only place I have been able to find it now is the 99 cents only stores, it is the best ever I too have a non-smoking roommate, which I rent a room from he donen’t “allow” me to smoke in the house but I smoke all the time in my room he never knows Smoke buster has such a pleasant smell I would probably use it even if I wernt a smoker!

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